Οne Day VIP Cruise to Kefalonia

Οne Day VIP Cruise to Kefalonia

 Duration: one day

 Location: Kefalonia

Visit our neighboring island of Kefalonia, 781km of natural beauty makes it the largest of the Ionian Islands. Kefalonia is famous for its unique diversity. From the huge mountains to the deep lush valleys partnered with the strange rock formations and natural phenomena it is a jewel in the Ionian Sea.

Our tour starts at approach 7:00am from your resort. We bring you to the main port of Zante (Not St. Nicolas, Volimes) where our luxury yacht awaits to take you to Poros.

We arrive in Kefalonia at about 9:00am. There our fully air-conditioned coaches await to start the tour.

Our tour continues north to visit the breathtaking Drogarati cave, famous for its stalactites and stalagmites. This cave has such immaculate accoustics that Maria Kallas herself once used to perform one of her concerts.

From there we will take you to the magnificent Melissani underground lake cave. Having an unusual open roof dove midday sun reflects the purity of the crystal clear waters and the wealth of colors as they row you through the cave.

Continuing our journey, we reach Agia Efthimia, a romantic seaside village where we will stop for lunch an try local delicasies, in a tavern by the sea.

After our hour-long lunch we head southwest to the capital - Argostoli. There you will have the opportunity to leisurely stroll around and do some shopping or have a coffee in one of the many coffee shops.

Our visit won't be complete without a photo stop at the famous Myrtos beach, if time permits, we will pass through Sami and Lassi for a panoramic view.

Our tour ends back in Poros, where our company yacht will be waiting to return you to Zakynthos. The price of the tour does not include entrance fees to the sights or lunch.

* We arrive at Kefalonia 9:00am when all other companies arrive at 11:30am
* We departure from Kefalonia at 18:00 and arrive to Zakynthos at 19:00 when all the others departure from Kefalonia at 17:00 and return to your hotel at 22:00pm