Company Profile Voutirakos Tours

Founder of the company is Peter Voutirakos, the first of the three sons of Spiros, an ambitious sailor who loves the sea and is born in Gerolimena, Lakonia. He started with a small sponge fishing boat angling sponges, corals and fish.

In 1987, with the help of luck, his ambitions and his savings he bought a small boat, by which he was carrying tourists to different beaches for swimming. From that moment he established his first office in Piraeus, the ferry company Cavo Grosso MC and entered actively and dynamically in the shipping business. In 1989, he bought a second ship and founded the second shipping company, Cavo Tainaron MC, developing into  the tourism department as well. In 1991,he chartered his ships to the Ionian Sea and established his first travel agency, which was based in Zakynthos.

By 1993, with a fast rise, he had already established a total of 12 branches in various tourist resorts of Zakynthos. In 2001, in an effort to meet the needs of his tourism activities, he extended his company, by founding the Maritime-Touristic Ltd. with the acquisition of four coaches.

In 2002, he built the ship “Dolphin”, which replaced the previous, offering daily cruises to Zante and transporting approximately a total of 50,000 passengers during the summer months.


In 2011, the vision becomes reality, as P.Voutyrakou business group acquires a different and unique new ship with the name “Pirate” Menia – Maria 1.

Pirate ship

In 2014, the demands of our customers are increasing, so an innovative Speedboat (Royal Yacht),  with the name of ”Stavroula B.”, is manufactured in the shipyards of Halkida. The unique and sole in its category ship in all Greece, with the highest standards for travelling with ”demands”.


Today any kind of shipping or tourism activity, is handled in the best manner by the qualified and experienced staff of Cavo Grosso Maritime-Touristic Ltd. company at our headquarters.

It employs a total of 70 people and adjusts accordingly to the volume of the requirements and demands of our enterprise. Now, the company is considered as the one of the earliest and biggest tourist – shipping businesses in Greece and especially in Zakynthos, as it is the largest one, with its own means of transportation. The objective is to have absolute control of most of its services and the best and unbeatable prices!

The companys’ strategy: Cavo Grosso Maritime-Touristic Co. strives to create new products and services, in cooperation with leading companies from across Europe.

Newsflash: The products and services of Cavo Grosso Maritime-Touristic Co. represent the values, commitments, privileges and philosophy of the company.

The companys’ Vision: Cavo Grosso Maritime-Touristic Co. seeks to provide innovative products and services, of advanced technology and ideas, which meet the demands and high requirements of its customers.